System Description

1.       Designed for 3 Divers at different depth and breathing different gas mixes

2.       Provides controlled distribution of following gases at the required over-bottom pressures

·         Air,

·         Helium-Oxygen,

·         Decompression Mix,

·         Oxygen.

3.       Maximum Safe Working Pressure:

·         HP:3000psi

·         LP: 365psi

4.       Inlet Ports

·         Six (6) x 1/2” HP Inlets

5.       Outlet Ports

·         Three (3) x 3/8” Diver Outlets

·         Three ¼” Diver Pneuma Outlets

6.       Panel fitted with Needle Valves, HP and LP Regulators, Ball Valves, Check Valves and with Safety Relief Valves for a safe diving operation in accordance with

·         US Navy Diving Manual  

·         IMCA D 037 DESIGN for Surface Supplied Mixed Gas Diving Systems

·         IMCA D 040 Rev.1 DESIGN for Mobile/Portable Surface Supplied Systems

7.       Oxygen Analyzer for each Diver with a crossover valve to bypass malfunctioning analyzer.

8.       Container Dimensions: 2450 x 3300 x 2150 mm

9.       1700mm x 1100mm Service Window for easy maintenance & repair access to the diving panel backside

10.    Additional Operator Window: 1100mm x 1000mm

11.    Air Conditioner: 12000 btu

12.    Rack Mounted Three Diver Monitors for Diver Cameras

13.    Samsung SRD-476D Video Recording System

14.     Amron International Amcom ™ III 3-Diver DSP3 Rack Mount Helium Speech Unscrambler

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