A well designed piping system is designed with an eye for safety, construction, operation, maintenance and cost-effective solutions by AES in accordance with codes such as ASME B31.3 and ASME PVHO-1.


Seven (7) different 445psi rated Saturated Diving System projects put AES into a unique position with regard to pressure vessel design.

We have vast experience within piping and layout design, including:

·         System Modelling

·         Compressible & Incompressible Pipe Flow Network Analysis

·         Adiabatic, isothermal and generalized heat transfer,

·         Pipe sizes, compressor/fan curves, valve settings/selection, fluid properties, relief valve sizing and calculations

·         Piping flexibility analysis for offshore installations, road & air transportation and for seismic loads

·         Layout engineering

·         Detailed design e.g. 3D modelling of piping and supports

Some of our past piping analysis and development of systems include but limited to

·         Pressurization of SAT System Chambers

o    Mixed Gas Supply

o    Helium Supply

o    LP Air

·         Depressurization

·         Treatment Gas Supply

·         Oxygen Supply

·         BIBS Supply and Exhaust

·         Diver’s Supply

·         Gas Sample Lines

·         Cross Hatch Equalization

·         Tubing Wall Thickness and Burst Pressure

·         Diver Gas Reclaim System

·         Bilge Drain Piping

·         All Fluid Piping Systems (Sanitary and ECS)

·         Gas Storage Capacities

·         CO2 Removal Systems

·         Calibration Gas Systems

·         Over Pressure Protection

·         Hyperbaric Units & Chambers

·         Hypobaric Altitude Chambers

·         LNG Skids

·         Environmental Conditioning Units for Habitats & Chambers