Engineering and safety awareness stand at the forefront of a reliable operation. This is why AES has invested - and continues to invest - in the latest state of the art engineering methods, software and equipment.

Our engineers come from a diverse range of disciplines including mechanical, offshore and subsea engineering, as well as shipbuilding and we employ specialists in electronics and controls. This base enables us to work together with our customers to reach optimum practical solutions.

With subsea and offshore systems including Saturated Diving and Launch & Recovery Systems there are always a need for unique and careful planning, down to the smallest detail. This is vital for the success of the job. To make sure the project is executed with minimum risks and efficiently AES carries out a great deal of detailed preparatory work. Our specialists use the most advanced software, such as 2D and 3D CAD systems and are equipped with ANSYS to make finite element calculations and structural and ship motion analyses. On request we can prepare 3D animations to visualize the operations.


With its historical roots and strong connection to operational reality, we will ensure that we continue to provide optimal added value to our clients.