AES designs and provides complete engineering of Saturation Diving Systems to carry out subsea diving operations with divers breathing Helium Oxygen mixtures allowing for longer duration in-water working time and at greater depths than achievable utilizing Air diving techniques.

Specialized in ABS certified 1000fsw (300m) SAT systems AES demonstrated extensive expertise to handle development from concept to production of advanced diving equipment.

While most SAT System projects are customized to suit project and customer needs, Standard Specifications AES works on include


1.     Systems conforms with the requirements of

·         American Bureau of Shipping Underwater Vehicles, Systems & Hyperbaric Facilities

·         ASME Section VIII Division 1, 2007

·         IMCA complaint

2.     Bell Safe Working Load (SWL): 21,00lb Clump Weight: 5000lb (Typical)

3.     Operating Depth: 1000fsw (300m)

4.     Design Sea State Condition: 4

5.     Three Person Dive Bell with a lower and a side-mate system

6.     Deck Decompression Chamber (DDC) and Transfer Under Pressure (TUP) Vessels

7.     Double Lock configurations with Intermediate Heads separating Transfer Lock from the Main Chamber.

8.     Launch and Recovery System (LARS) with optional Trolley or A-Frame configurations

9.     Twelve(12) to Six(6) People Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber Designs (HRC)

10.   Hyperbaric Evacuation Units, with optional Davit Systems

11.   Support/Equipment Vans containing Life Support/dive Control, Surface Dive Gas Panel, Mixer/Blender

12.   Environmental System Equipment, Diver Reclaim System, diver Hot Water Unit, System Reclaim, Compressed Air, and Electrical Distribution.

13.   Pressurized spool pieces, Medlock & Transfer Locks for SAT System Interconnects