Early stage concept engineering and FEED (Front End Engineering Design) is an essential part of offshore and subsea projects in order to plan project budgets, schedules and associated risks.

AES brings together a multidisciplinary team to assist our customers through all project stages; from concept development to detailed design and with all levels of structural engineering expertise from basic structural design to large scale projects.

Following concept evaluation and down-selection, the design optimization process is executed through FEED, Preliminary Design, Complete Detailed Design studies.

Using Computational Aided Drafting tools such as SolidWorks and structural design packages such as ANSYS, we offer a comprehensive range of structural engineering services to the industry with a proven track record in unique system designs.

Structural Steel Design Services:

·         Ship Structural Design

·         Offshore Work & Mezzanine Platforms

·         Skid & Crash Cage Designs

·         Sea-fasting & Ship Interface Designs

·         Lift & Anchor Point Designs

Structural Services to include design requirements and analysis such as

·         ABS & DNV Limit State Design & Analysis

·         Transport analysis including stability, vibration and harmonic analysis

·         Installation analysis

·         Dynamic Motion analysis

·         Launch analysis

Case Study 1:

Structural Frame & Skid Design for 12 man Deck Decompression Chamber

AES was commissioned to provide the design and ABS certification of support frameworks for 445psi rated 12 man Deck Decompression and Transfer Under Pressure (TUP) chambers for a rapid, secure mobilization and deck fastening operation on board of a DSV.

Case Study 2:

Structural Design of SAT Frames, Work Platform with Sea Fastening analysis

AES engineering worked closely with Veolia Environmental Marine Services and provided the structural design, sea fastening and ABS deck certification of a 12man SAT System project on Swordish OSV. In designing the Support Frame, Loads to be considered include applicable loads such as dynamic loads due to vessel motion, mating loads, wave slap, wind loads and ice loads.

Case Study 3:

OSV Deck Reinforcement For Human Rescue Capsule (HRC) Launch System

AES was pointed to perform the deck reinforcement and structural design of the King Fisher OSV for a HEU Launch System. In performing the ship interface structure work, dynamic vessel accelerations, launch cylinder loads and 20 degrees list and 10 degrees trim unfavorable evacuation conditions are considered in addition to the entrapped water, dead loads acting on the system.