AES designs and provides cathodic protection (CP) systems for offshore and marine assets with specifications requirements that meet DNV-RP-B401, ISO 15589-2 and NORSOK M-503 ,MIL-A-18001K, ASTM B418 Type I and Type II.

Geared with a team of experienced, well-trained professionals possessing the required skills and an extensive knowledge of the CP market allows AES to overcome the corrosion problems inherent to offshore and subsea structures.

For many new subsea and offshore structures, industry accepted, traditional sacrificial anodes are often the best way to provide corrosion protection for the initial design life. Our support engineers designs and supplies sacrificial anode systems for all types of offshore and marine assets.

As installed structures age and the original anodes are depleted, based on the structure, size and operational conditions, AES can work on custom tailored applications and design solutions to retrofit anodes in order to extend the CP.

With requirements defined for surface preparation, materials, coating layers, application, and quality control testing, AES provides the fundamental Cathodic Protection and Coating system designs to meet the life expectancy of the offshore and subsea systems.

Subsea structures are designed to withstand lifetime exposure of up to 25 years or longer to provide an uninterrupted service life.The coating systems we work with are therefore designed and tested according to internationally acclaimed standards such as NORSOK.